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happy christmas eve from seoul, south korea!

after quite an interesting and scattered last few days in california, we are finally on our way to india! this morning (or yesterday depending on where you are and how long you’ve been awake for), after almost losing my mind and forgetting my debit card at my mom’s house, i boarded a flight to seattle. unfortunately, that pretty city of ours was only for a plane view (even though i saw my apartment from the air!). joe, my friend with whom i’ll be traveling with for the next two weeks, met me there – and we were off quickly on this flight through seoul. the airplane was pristine, the flight attendants perfect and the movie selection grand (and the food selection not so grand). after twelve hours – we stepped through the transfer gate to the quiet (and lovely) international terminal (and a chain of subway sandwiches and caribou coffee). we’re sitting here now- awaiting the next flight to mumbai – and admiring the holiday decorations and a blow up santa claus happily riding around on the commuter/transfer bus on the tarmac.

[more to come upon arrival in mumbai]

merry christmas!

salut! and welcome to a piece of my 2011 new years’ resolution : attempting to ‘learn’ a bit of web design and document the amazing findings of a new year, new adventures, new challenges, and new joys.

many thanks to my loving, supportive and patient family and friends in this new venture —